NOVATECH pursues sustainable growth in the industry and a happy life through Metaverse innovation.
NOVATECH is growing into a Metaverse service company in the industrial field based on trust and confidence in customers and employees. Metaverse and Digital twin are new technologies that connect reality and virtual reality and are attracting attention as core technologies of the 4th industrial revolution.
NOVATECH has accumulated various technologies and business capabilities in XR (Virtual Augmented and Mixed Reality), IoT (Internet of Things), and SF (Smart Factory) business areas, which are core technologies necessary to build a Metaverse service system in the industrial field, and aims to become a digital twin and Metaverse platform company based on original technology and business capabilities.

Management Philosophy


NOVATECH with strong basics


NOVATECH where everyone is united


Ever challenging NOVATECH

Core Value

Continuous R&D of future technologies

We perform R&D of service lineup that supports the entire process of Metaverse service in the industrial/safety field such as AI-based industrial safety XR content development tool, nuclear power plant technology and content research and development, robot control and 3D control research and development, sensor-equipped inspection robot development.

Possession of references in the public and manufacturing fields

We possess domain knowledge in automobile, shipbuilding, chemical, and nuclear fields by carrying out various types of projects from unit projects to large-scale national projects according to the know-how accumulated through project construction and management experience and the possession of professional manpower.

Various system interworking support

Convergence solutions of legacy systems and 3D/VR such as Real-time, multi-media, and various content types provides flexible interworking with other systems within the customer company: portal, CMS, ERP, groupware, CRM, VOC, BI, etc.


NOVATECH is trying to find insights from fragmented information and data to be used as a new industrial engine in this era. Based on Korea's best XR technology and legacy system convergence technology, we pursue corporate value as a core that converts customers' intangible assets into tangible values.

We are leading the 4th industrial revolution with Metaverse and safety ICT technology.


Virtual Augmented Reality Content Production

Products and services that enhance safety and increase productivity


product development

Major achievements

-Developed Plant Facility Predictive Maintenance System
-Developed IOT-based Smart Evacuation Guidance Light
-Developed Hyundai Heavy Industries 3D Modeling Integrated Control System
-Developed Shipbuilding and Offshore IoT & Big Data Infrastructure Technology
-Developed VR Industry and Educational Content
-Developed VR, AR Industry/Educational contents (30 types)
-Developed VR content interlocking simulator (Scaffolding, Aerial Vehicle Simulator)
-Developed TOF sensor-based Incinerator Safety Inspection System
-Developed 'Smart Mooring Pole' with Ulsan Port Authority
-Constructed Hyundai Motor Turkey factory AGV system
-Developed 5G-based Shipbuilding and Offshore Digital shipyard
-Developed Singapore Hyundai Motor Group Global Innovation Center (HMGICS) ACS.
-Developed a virtual operation training system for nuclear decommissioning, the XR flagship project
-Developed Nuclear Radiation Emergency Response Training System
-Developed Ulsan tourism Metaverse.

Major patents/Certificates

The following patents and awards prove NOVATECH's technology


  • Coordinate System matching method between cameras, Mooring Pole Monitoring System
  • Coordinate System matching method between Lidar and Stereo-Camera
  • Mooring Pole Pressure Measuring Device
  • Structure Internal Inspection Device
  • The system using Evacuation Guidance and Communication Relay Device
  • In-Furnace Safety Inspection Device
  • Collision prevention System for Heavy Machinery or Large Vehicles and its Control Method
  • Prediction Maintenance System and Method for Industrial Facilities of Independent Power Supply Type
  • Vehicle Operation Information Acquisition System
  • Anti-vibration Device of Lift Structure using Steel Band
  • Vibration Compensation Device and Method using Laser-guided Beam Image Analysis and IMU Sensor
  • DC power type PLC modem Platform System and Method
  • Golf Putting Support Device and Method
  • Nuclear Decommissioning Simulation Training System
  • Putting Guide Method and Ball Marker for the Method


  • 2020 Presidential Citation
  • Commendations from the Ministry of Information and Communications and, Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries in 2019
  • Best Enterprises for Job Creation in 2019
  • Selected as a Global Star Company in 2019
  • Various Commendations in 2018 and before