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Training for dismantling Nuclear Power Plants


Novatech Co., Ltd. has developed an 'innovative remote dismantling work training system' that can dramatically improve the efficiency of the dismantling process and the skill of the dismantling workers by applying advanced virtual reality technology. 

The nuclear dismantling remote training system in the virtual workshop is a virtual reality-based training system that reproduces unpredictable work situations in advance. It is the world's leading force-to-torque master system and virtual training system that dramatically reduces operator mental workload to efficiently perform various geometry teardown targets and complex teardown processes.

Training to simulate precise control while remotely controlling the actual robot arm in a virtual environment allows workers to safely cut off highly radioactive core facilities that are difficult to access.

The training system includes high-level remote decommissioning technology to completely demolish a nuclear power plant without a single mistake. Training to cut and move objects such as iron, wood, and other objects to be dismantled and complex dismantling processes are carried out efficiently.

The training system consists of about 20 types, including tutorials, basic courses, and advanced courses, and plans to expand the business to training systems at various production sites using robot arms. In addition, workers can reduce the cost of dismantling and reduce the process by increasing the efficiency of the dismantling process and the skill of the workers through the remote dismantling work training system, and finally build a foundation for dismantling specialists and export.


●Haptic application of shared autonomy and stable two-way haptic interaction control
● Dynamic characterization of virtual space
●Master-Slave System Based on Digital Mockup of Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning-Robot