IoT solution

Smart Bollard System


Novatech Co., Ltd. has developed a solution that monitors the pressure applied to the mooring pole of the port at all times to prevent damage to the mooring pole in case of excessive pressure in advance and ensure the mooring stability of the ship.

※The mooring column is a column for hanging mooring ropes on both sides of the ship, and a curved column for auxiliary or small ships between them. It is also called a large mooring post, a medium mooring column, and a small mooring column.

In addition to the purpose of mooring, mooring poles are also used for folding eyes. The shore is to draw a line to the mooring pole when the ship is docked, and the shore is to prevent sudden change or movement of the ship when the ship departs and to move with a mooring line connected to the stern or rear of the ship for a stable change of direction.

Both of these methods generate high tension in the mooring poles, often causing damage to the mooring poles and causing major accidents. Damage to the mooring pole can cause instantaneous explosive power, causing casualties to nearby people, and the ship's mooring can be lifted, causing shaking, drifting, and collision of the ship, and secondary accidents can occur.

Novatech has developed a smart mooring stock that can detect the traction force loaded on mooring stocks in real-time, can be warned if it exceeds the permitted traction, and reflects the decrease in weakness due to age.

The Need for Smart Mooring

● Mooring owner history management

● Proper load management for mooring owners

● Securing Mooring Information Big Data

● Establishment of the foundation for the advancement of port operations

In 2022, it is a public institution that manages and operates Ulsan Port and will carry out a project to be applied at the port site in cooperation with Ulsan Port Corporation, the No. 1 port of oil logistics in Korea.